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    Wednesday, 14 January 2015

    Things To Do While Moving Home

    When it’s time to move home, there are some important things that you should keep in mind so that you stay away from any mess. First of all it is recommended to make a checklist before you start moving. Checklist will save your time and will make the job easier and quicker for you. I would suggest preparing the checklist at least 2 months before you actually move. This way you wouldn’t be able to miss anything important. Here I am going to showcase some important tips and suggestions regarding things to do while moving home so that you perform your job in an organised and systematic way.

    Door Locks

    In order to ensure the safety of your new house, it is highly recommended to replace the door locks with new ones. This way your mind will be at peace that no one else has the keys of your new home. Changing locks of new home is really very important to keep your home safe from any potential thievery. So this should be done at your first priority.

    Clean the house

    Before you move your stuff into new home, make sure to thoroughly clean it. Examine the house if there are any bugs or termites in the home. If you find any, spray the house in detail or hire a pest control service if you cannot manage it alone. Wash floors, wipe up walls, and thoroughly clean toilets and kitchen cabinets. Make sure to do cleaning yourself so that you get familiar with every nook and corner of your new house.


    If any renovation and repair is required, do it before moving your luggage. Before applying paint on walls, make sure to examine them for any crack or damage. Make sure to repair the weak parts before you paint them. Once you are done with repairs, select colours for walls keeping in mind the colour of your furniture and accessories. Recruit the assistance of a team of professionals like Quality Exterior Services to ensure the painting job is done correctly.

    Check up your stuff

    Make sure to count and check the goods you moved into your new house after unloading stuff from the van. Thoroughly check the loading van once again in case anything is left behind. Open the cartons to ensure fragile items are reached safe. It would be great if you categorise the items after opening the boxes so that you don’t create any mess while sorting them out afterwards.

    Arrange your furniture and appliances

    Your furniture and electrical appliances should be arranged as soon as possible so that you can take rest in a comfortable ambiance when you feel tired. Click here for some great tips to help your organise your home.


    Make sure to bring some readymade food items with you when moving to your new house as it will take time to set up your kitchen and in the meantime you should have edibles to fill your tummy with. Moreover you will be overburdened with various tasks so readymade food will save your time and energy. This was all about things to do while moving home. Performing your job in a systemic and organised way not only saves your time and energy but makes it enjoyable for you.
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