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    Monday, 25 April 2016

    Buying Banquette Seating

    Banquette seating has become a popular choice in commercial seating for venues like restaurants and pubs. A good variety of designs and styles, the use of durable materials, and furniture that offers exceptional use of available space, has helped make it so popular. In fact, many homeowners have even caught on to the benefits, buying banquette style kitchen or kitchen diner seating. You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy good quality furniture; banquette seating can offer this and more, whether you are buying for your pub or for your kitchen.

    Ensure that you know the dimensions of the space you are looking to fill. Draw up a floorplan, and as well as including all of the fixtures, features like the bar, and marking on doors and windows, you should also remember that people will need room to move behind the furniture once it is installed. While you may not have to worry as much about this when designing your home kitchen, it should be at the top of your list of considerations when designing a restaurant or other commercial premises.

    Consider whether you will just be using banquette seating along the walls. Although this is how banquette seating would traditionally be used, it isn’t the only option. You can build or put up partitions without too much cost, or you could use the seating itself to create a booth effect. Placing two lots of banquette seating back to back will create a partition in the space and give the same booth effect. Use taller backed chairs to really accentuate the booth style.

    You can choose the style of seating cover that you want, as well as the type of base. Helical sprung bases offer a more comfortable cushion option than standard sprung bases, and you can also choose the depth of the base. Buttoned and ribbed cushion covers can portray a traditional feel, or can be used to turn your restaurant into a diner style eatery. Panelled and plain covers can also be highly effective for creating a uniform, sleek, or contemporary look according to how and where you use them.

    A whole gamut of colours is available to choose from, which means that you can match interior or meet your branding requirements. It is even possible to have a bespoke design tailored to meet your precise requirements, so if you can’t find the colour or design that you’re looking for, or if you want a logo included in the design, then you can have this included too.

    It is important to choose good quality banquette furniture because, as with any style of restaurant furniture, it will have to endure a lot of traffic and frequent use. Flimsy material or poor quality construction could mean that you have to replace or repair your seating more often, and this will greatly increase your costs. As the furniture ages it will also be less comfortable, which means that whoever will be sat in the seats will suffer too.

    Atlas Contract Furniture offers bespoke contract furniture, including a selection of high quality, attractive banquette seating. Choose the configuration, size, and style you want from your seating, whether it is for the home or for your restaurant.
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